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Duration: 21 days
Location: West Africa
Starting Price: $5,902
Single Supplement: $1,102
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Tour Highlights

  • Welcome greetings and dinner followed by brief orientation by tour operator
  • Accra city tour
  • Tour of Cape Coast and Elmina castles and slave dungeons
  • Walk on a canopy bridge hanging 100 feet above the forest floor in West Africa's most noted tropical rainforest
  • Visit a traditional Fanti military shrine
  • An audience with an Ashanti traditional Chief and the chance to visit the various craft villages
  • Visit Tamale, the largest city in northern Ghana
  • Ouagadougou city tour
  • Visit Dogon Country in Mali, mingle with the natives and observe the unique architecture of their buildings
  • Visit the ancient city of Timbuktu, known since 1100AD as the first center of learning for mankind
  • Visit Ganvie, the village on water known as the “Venice of West Africa”
  • Visit the Koutammakou region, home to the Batammariba (Takienta tower-houses)