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Landtour Experiences
We would like to invite you to explore Landtours Experiences. They encompass everyday cultural activities that West Africans perform. Let us show you the wonders of Homecoming, Black History Month, Independence Day celebrations, Panafest and spiritual festivities throughout West Africa.

Living Heritage Experience

Landtours invites you to experience an unforgettable journey into a land rich in history, tradition and culture. On the Living Heritage  experience you will learn about West African culture and hospitality by being paired with a Host Family. They will greet you as they greet all travelers with open arms, offer you a chair and refreshments. They will ask of your journey, of your people (where you come from), and what brought you to their community. They will embrace you with hospitality and a place to rest.

Rural/Village Life: You will be invited to help tend to daily task, like bargaining for food ingredients and other essentials in the market place, then help in preparing a typical Ghanaian meal. You will learn the benefits of local herbs and natural remedies from the people of the village. You will experience a moderate way of living sustainably with nature.

City/Township Life: You will be invited to accompany them to relax and exchange stories over a meal at a local chop bar, shop for fabric in the marketplace, visit a local tailor to have garments made and attend a family gathering (funeral, wedding, etc.) You will experience the warmth, friendliness, and the energy of the people — you’ll never want to leave.

Pilgrimage, Atonement, and Homecoming Experience

African Diasporans have long searched for their roots and ways to reconnect with their lost cultural, historical and spiritual past. Through DNA testing African Diasporans can begin the healing process and their Pilgrimage to their ancestral homeland. Prior to departing on the pilgrimage experience we will take the results of DNA testing and coordinate with experts to trace your roots and reveal your ethnic group. The Pilgrimage experience starts with arrival to your ancestral homeland. You will meet other diasporans of this region and together you’ll learn the traditions of that ethnic group such as greetings, dancing, cooking and dressing. You will meet with prominent elders from the local community to learn about the family tree and history of your ancestors. Next is a transformative experience at Salaga, a major slave market for slave trading during the 18th Century. There, the descendants of slave traders perform an Atonement to request forgiveness for their ancestor’s participation in such an inhumane act. The ceremony is sealed with the villagers washing the feet of slave descendants. Designed by the villagers as a symbolic form of apology. Your experience will conclude with attending the Panafest a biennial festival held for the enjoyment of Africans, people of African descent, and for all who are committed to the wellbeing of Africans both on the continent and in the Diaspora. Panafest 2021 unites through arts and culture, by highlighting the rich traditions of a people that have survived through years of change and movement. As a part of this experience, you will have the chance to visit beautiful parts of Ghana including rainforests, sites of ancient kingdoms and historic castles. 

Off-the-Grid, Nature and Aqua Safari Experience

An Off-the-Grid experience for the adventurous nature lover. An overland expedition featuring the natural and rugged side of West Africa. Discover the local plant and wildlife as well as the rich history of nature conservation in the area. You’ll see and hear amazing sights and sounds during the drive, hike through national parks, engage with villagers while paddling in a dugout canoe at sea, and have a chance to learn about conserving the landscape along the way. Take a relaxing dip under the beautiful cascading waterfalls, bird watching in a wildlife bird paradise with marine turtles or discover the secrets of the caves that served as shelter to an indigenous tribe centuries ago.

Tapestry: Cultural Arts, Cuisine, and Festival Experience

The Tapestry experiences combines beautiful landscapes, authentic interactions and cultural exploration. Allowing you to have one on one exposure in these vibrant West African destinations and cultivate relationships over shared meals and storytelling. We have curated these experiences around cultural arts, cuisine, and festivals. Visit local artisan markets filled with West African jewelry, masks, musical instruments and pottery. The bustling metropolis of eccentricities and growing architecture, fashion, arts and cultural scene. You will meet returnees involved in eco-tourism and other ground-breaking projects to build communities. Be amazed by the various festivals, ceremonies and religious practices. If you are curious to discover the best of West Africa, to recharge and connect with local communities, artisans, creatives, historians and returnees this is the experience for you.



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